Social network «Shopoholic»

Published: 15 January 2016

It was needed to develop new website for russian speaking community which keen on internet shopping and transfer all content and accounts from previous website platform.

«Shopoholic» social network has more than 180 000 registered users. The most active users writes reviews on their purchases in foreign online stores.

Home page consist of reviews with filters and sorting.


Users uploading big photos make their reviews more attractive.

Review page

Users achieving different goals are awarded with medals. Medals are from the awards set which was developed too.

On the profile page you can see all user activities such as reviews, comments, subscribers, awards etc.


Personal message system was developed.

All messages

It is usful to read reviews and other information before making a purchase. Perhaps someone already bought such a product and resells it for lower price.

Reviews sorted by store
Web designer
Andrey Ryzhkov
Victor Fedyaev
Abay Doshakov
Victor Fedyaev

Has also been completed

Has completed, but still not in the portfolio yet.
It will be soon, but it's not accurate.

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